The tenant and the owner exchange calmly for the smooth running of the renting life.

" The idea is to equip the residents of a simple and ergonomic mobile application allowing them a direct access to their owner. 

NEYBS gives responsibilities all the actors of the building "

Hafida Guebli | Founder

App Presentation

This app is a digital solution created to improve people’s autonomy and social integration, in particular for those with a verbal disability (deaf, hard of hearing, illiterate, non-francophone in France, …).

NEYBS has been rewarded for its innovation and its social impact with following characteristic :

- Limited script,

- Universal pictograms,

- Color codes,

- Handling on two clicks, 

- Tutorial videos for app

These functionality allow user to report, stay informed and exchange with owner and neighbors, while remaining autonomous.

The digital solution of the renting management
Because it is difficult to understand, we imagined an app for easy exchanges between all the actors of the residence in a collaborative spirit in an ergonomic way.
No-French speakers, deaf and illiterates can also use it.

La relation de proximité augmentée